Michael Waldrop is reviewed by Audiophile Review with his album “Triangularity”

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Michael Waldrop – “Triangularity” Michael Waldrop Music


Waldrop shares his time between being a Professor of Percussion and Jazz Studies at Eastern Washington University and writing and recording music. “Triangularity” is his third release of music done in a traditional jazz style. For this release, Waldrop is joined by a piano and a bass on all tracks, and a sax on tracks Number 9 & 10, both identified as “bonus tracks.” Waldrop, not surprisingly, centers his talents on the drums and other percussion instruments. He does not, however, overwhelm any of the tracks with an abundance of percussion portrayal. He does a superior job at arrangements that are balanced between what is arguably a trio, and on two tracks, a quartet. Yet by the same token, he shares the solo spotlight with all the musicians and gives everyone a chance to shine. This is skillfully crafted traditional jazz that does an excellent job of captivating the listener and enticing them to find out what comes next.

Overall: 8.5

Sonics: 8

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