Michael Doherty’s Music Log reviews Minas: Beatles In Bossa

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Michael Doherty’s Music Log

by Michael Doherty

Minas: Beatles In Bossa Review

Minas- CD Cover

Minas: “Beatles In Bossa” – Minas is led by the duo of Orlando Haddad and Patricia King. While they are known for their songwriting as well as their vocal work, on their new album they cover some of their favorite Beatles songs. They open the album with an interesting rendition of “Blackbird,” which begins as you might expect any version to, with vocals and some pretty work on guitar. Then comes that Brazilian rhythm, and the track grows from there, and includes an extended instrumental section. The track then concludes with that familiar guitar part. That’s followed by “Come Together,” the drums starting this one before the vocals and other instruments come in. The rhythm of this one works so well, with a hint of funk, helping to make this track one of the disc’s highlights. And check out that lead on saxophone. They then deliver a rather gentle rendition of “She Loves You,” with Patricia King Haddad on lead vocals. Minas clearly has a good time with “Day Tripper,” delivering a fun version that swings and grooves, particularly during that delicious jam. Jordan Haddad takes lead vocal duties on a breezy rendition of “I Will.” Another of the disc’s highlights is “Eleanor Rigby,” which works incredibly well with this approach. This is one of the best renditions of “Eleanor Rigby” I’ve heard. That’s followed by the most interesting song choice of the album, “Within You Without You.” And it is on this track that the musicians have a chance to explore, to get a bit loose. This version is nearly ten minutes long, and contains different sections, including some pretty wild moments. It is, for me, another of the highlights, and I would have enjoyed another ten minutes of it. The album concludes with a rendition of “Get Back” that cooks, moves with a certain joy, the drums and percussion propelling everyone forward. The musicians on this album are Orlando Haddad on vocals, guitar and berimbau; Patricia King Haddad on vocals, piano and keyboards; Jim Stager on acoustic bass and electric bass; Tom Cohen on drums; John Swana on electronic valve instrument, flugelhorn and trumpet; Andrew Neu on saxophone and flute; Cyro Baptista on percussion and berimbau; Jordan Haddad on vocals; and Rob Hyman on accordion. This album was released on May 26, 2022.

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