Michael Doherty’s Music Log reviews Kristen R. Bromley Quintet, Bluish Tide

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by Michael Doherty

Kristen Bromley Bluish Tide - Front Cover

Kristen R. Bromley Quintet: “Bluish Tide” – Guitarist and composer Kristen R. Bromley presents mostly original material on her new album, which opens with “Pillar Of Fire,” the guitar work here having a wonderfully cheerful sound, that lead flying along as if without a worry, and we who are listening want to jump aboard. Joining her on this release are Ray Smith on tenor saxophone and alto flute, Steve Erickson on piano, Matt Larson on bass, and Jay Lawrence on drums, each of them getting moments to shine on this opening track. That’s followed by “Groove O’clock Time,” its title giving a pretty good idea what it’s all about. And check out Ray Smith’s lead on saxophone over that delicious groove. Then Kristen R. Bromley’s lead on guitar rocks. This is a lively and fun track. The only cover on this disc is “O Great God – How Great Thou Art!” This is a pleasant piece that features nice leads on piano and guitar. “Between Canyon Walls” also features a good groove and some excellent work on guitar. But perhaps the most fun number is the album’s title track, “Bluish Tide,” which is a delight from its opening moments, its main theme being rather catchy. It is her lead on guitar that is at the center of this one and makes this track stand out, her guitar dancing and popping and grooving. Plus, this track features a cool section featuring bass and drums. Then “Paint Me A Picture My Love” begins with a sweet guitar solo, and later features Ray Smith on alto flute (the only track on which he plays flute). “Just Walkin’” is another fun, enjoyable track with a groove that will bring a smile to your face. And check out that lively, hopping conclusion to “Junkyard Dawg.” This album was released on November 5, 2021.

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