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New Music for January 25th 2019

By Paul Wilson | January 25, 2019 4:37 AM

Michael C. Lewis – “Intimate Journey” – Cybervision

When it comes to jazz woodwind instruments, I greatly prefer the saxophone to the trumpet. That does not mean, however, I don’t like trumpet centric jazz compositions done right. And yes, “Intimate Journey” is a work done right. Lewis is originally from Houston, TX but now resides in New York city. He has performed at venues such as the Apollo Theater, The Blue Note and the Village Vanguard as well as other notable NYC musical and jazz landmarks. And while I would call this primarily a work of jazz, it would be impossible to not recognize Lewis’ interest in R&B and Funk. Because that is what “Journey manifestly is, a pounding, thriving, conglomeration of jazz, funk and R&B. And I loved it. I loved it despite not really being inclined to the trumpet as the lead instrument. One reason why is how Lewis manages to blend such diverse musical styles into each song. I had a hard time deciding if he as a jazz musician with a flair for funk, or a funk musician in the best 1970’s Philadelphia style who suddenly grew a fondness for jazz. Either way is not important. This is, stylistically, a work that kept me interested in what was next through all eleven tracks. And as much as I love jazz, what I really loved first was great funk / soul/ R&B, Earth, Wind & Fire, Parliament, Temptations style of music. Jazz came later. Because this one has both, woven together like a fine piece of cloth, I couldn’t help but love it. Which I do – and certainly will again.

Overall: 10, Sonics: 8

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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