Melbreeze receives an overall 9.5 from Audiophile Review

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What initially caught my eye when I picked up this CD was who designed the jacket. I found the cover art remarkable and whereupon opening the jacket itself immediately thought “this looks really cool.” CD jacket appearance is not a definition for how the music will sound, however. Fortunately, what lay within the CD itself was just as “cool” as the jacket. All thirteen tracks are covers of music more or less from the American Songbook. With tracks like Paul Simon’s “The Sound Of Silence” and the Sondheim classic “Send In The Clowns,” Turkish born Melbreeze delivers a stunning work that sounds like it could be in a Paris nightclub. Track 2, the aforementioned “The Sound Of Silence,” even has a hint of electronica. This is very highly enjoyable music that is perfectly listenable. Both the arrangements and performance are stellar. It has been said that Melbreeze has a unique style and a very specific aesthetic and to understand she must be heard. I’ve heard. And I couldn’t agree more. Unique, captivating, magnificent.

Overall: 9.5

Sonics: 8

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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