Melbreeze receives a stirring review from Jazzweekly

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Melbreeze: Amethyst

Vocalist Melbreeze gooses up standards with some fusion textures as she teams up with Scott Kinsey/key-arr, Gary Novak/dr, Jimmy Haslip/b, percussionists Arto Tuncboyaciayan-Brad Dutz, guitaristrs Larry Koonse, Doug Livingston, Jeff Richman and Oz Noy as well as Snarky Puppy reed man Bob Reynolds among other guests.

Kinsey’s arrangements of these pop and jazz standards put the songs through Alice’s looking glass, with Haslip’s bass line mixing with thick keys and Melbreeze’s earthy voice for a jazzy “Summertime” while a mix of Brian Eno ambience and Reynold’s rich sax give a thick and smoky mood for “God Bless The Child.” Almost exact opening strings on “Sounds Of Silence” eventually seque into a palpable drama, as Melbreeze’s Mediterranean accent adds exoticism. A dark hued noir street corner on “Friendless” and Haslip’s patented funky line on “Cry Me A River” create rich oil portraits before tender acoustic strings make “Greensleeves” a haunting treat. Repainted and re-varnished originals.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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