Melbreeze is reviewed by Roots Music Report with her new album “I Love Paris”

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Album Review of

I Love Paris

Written by Joe Ross
February 7, 2021 – 12:06am EST

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Since her arrival in the U.S., Turkish-born Melbreeze has made her mark with performance and the release of several highly-acclaimed Latin jazz albums. Her distinctive, mesmerizing voice has a beguiling international flair. On I Love Paris, her collaboration with co-producer and keyboardist Scott Kinsey features an eclectic set of music ranging from breathtaking ballads like “I Fall in Love Too Easily” and “Sentimental Journey” to hushed, bluesy numbers like “Don’t Explain” and “What Lola Wants.” Each song on the album is arranged with its own interpretive twists and cohesive instrumental accompaniment. The atmospherics of “Yesterdays” are largely built around Artyom Manukan’s cello, while Tim Hagans’ trumpet enhances five cuts, and guitarists Yotam Silberstein or Pedro Martin provide tasty licks on four tracks. Mer Sal sings background vocals on four tracks. “I Love Paris” with a street beat and some storytelling make for a unique rendition of this standard, as does an impressionistic, meditative “Autumn Leaves” and shuffling “My Funny Valentine” with Josh Smith’s bluesy guitar. Melbreeze’s signature sound has built her a solid fan base that continues to grow as she successfully explores a varied repertoire with various tonal and rhythmic colorings in her music.  (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)

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