Melbreeze is reviewed by Jazweekly with her new album “I Love Paris.”

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Melbreeze: I Love Paris







Right away on the liner notes, Melbreeze lets you know she’s a different type of lady at the microphone, as she credits herself as “vocals, storytelling”. With her team of Scott Kinsey/key/b, Doug Webb/ts, Tim Hagans/tp, Pedro Martins-Josh Smith-Yotam Silberstein/g, Tim Lefebvre-Hadrien Feraud-Travis Carlton, Gary Novak-Gergo/dr, Brad Dutz/perc and Artyom Manukyan/cel, she interprets vintage standards with feel reminiscent of Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard, sounding like you might expect Melody Gardot to sing like after living a longer and fuller life.

She’s artsy and electric with Silberstein on a spacious “Don’t Explain” with Kinsey’s floating keys, while she slinks to Hagan’s open trumpet on “What Lola Wants”. A bit of an African gallop takes place with marimba and programing on a Third World take of the soul jazz classic “Dat Dere” while there’s a synthy soul to a funky “I Love Paris”. She is full of surprises, giving a 50s rock feel to “My Funny Valentine with Smiths guitar and “Yesterdays” has her singing and whistling through Manukyan’s cello. A chanteuse that is reclining at the mic.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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