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Album Review: Vitality from Matt Skellenger

Album:  Vitality
Artist:  Matt Skellenger
Label:  Self-Released

The first striking quality about bassist Matt Skellenger’s music, which is quickly discerned, is the complementing textures of his music.  On his latest release Vitality, Skellenger sows together wonderfully vibrant textures from the blades of electrically infusd effects to the brassy sounds of the trumpet, the rustic whining of the pedal steel guitar, and the tribal beats of the cajon.  The listener can detect many different and distinct textures, intertwining and co-mingling, reflective of a family made up of many different personalities and natures all working in harmony.

The relaxed, ambling rhythm of “Fibre” has a folksy feel in Glenn Taylor’s pedal steel guitar combined with the soft billows of  Matt Reid’s coronet and Adam Bartczak’s trombone.  The lullaby-like strokes of Skellenger’s bass produce a gentle rocking paired with Andy Skellenger’s and Dave Miller’s wispy beats on their percussion instruments.  So many textures can be identified without generating an overcrowding of sounds.  The upbeat vibe of the rhythmic grooves in the carriage of “Peyton’s Peice” support the wavy toots of Reid’s trumpet, while a collage of reverberating effects produce a gauzy layer across “Alt Facts,” enhanced by the merriment emanating from Reid’s flugelhorn.

The recording is a celebration of diverse and agreeable textures that the musicians bring to Skellernger’s original works.  Joined by trombonist and conch shell player Adam Bartczak, drummer, ghatam and tabla player Dave Miller, trumpeter Matt Reid, tabla, cajon, and uda player Andy Skellenger, and pedal steel guitarist Glenn Taylor, Matt Skellenger’s music projects a range of moods from happy to solemn.  The band’s montage of textures brings out their instruments vibrancy and the musicians instinct to play in harmony.

Matt Skellenger – Electric Bass
Adam Bartczak – Trombone and Conch Shell
Dave Miller – Drums, Ghatam, and Tabla
Matt Reid – Trumpet, Cornet, Flugelhorn, and sound effects
Andy Skellenger – Tabla, Cajon, and Udu
Glenn Taylor – Pedal Steel Guitar

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Kari Gaffney

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