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Marton Juhasz: Discovery

Drummer and leader Marton Juhasz creates a rich mosaic of songs ranging from majestic to free. His team of Yumi Ito/voc, Sergio Wagner/tp-fh, Paco Andreo/vtb, Enrique Oliver/ts, Szymon Mika/g, Olga Konkova/p and Danny Ziemann/b sound fresh in all of the environs, mixing and matching talents in various settings. Ito’s ethereal voice creates rich landscapes as on the lovely dream of “Sea Of Uncertainty” and prances with Oliver as Juhasz gallops the band along on a Pat Metheny-esque “The Curve.” A handful of the pieces, like the funky “Stino” have the guitar and horns get a bit frisky and loose, and the percussion mixes with handclaps on the moody “Industry.” A bit of Oriental harmonics create a contemplative atmosphere with lovely brush work and piano reflections on “Run” with penetrating voice and floating guitar hovering like a nimbus cloud during “Spellbound.” Lots of creative ideas and colors, with a deft use of voice to tie it all together. Rich water colors of song.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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