Luca di Luzio receives high praise from Lemon Wire

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Luca di Luzio’s “Globetrotter” is bright and energetic jazz

Luca di Luzio is a guitar player with a strong connection to Italy. His latest album, “Globetrotter” was released earlier this year. It contains songs that represent Luzio’s sometimes completely innovative approaches to guitar playing.

Standout tracks on “Globetrotter” are “Smile!” and “Elisir.” Also notable is the John Coltrane classic, “Naima.”

About Luca di Luzio

The guitar player’s musical education was formalized at the Conservatorio di Musica Frescobaldi di Ferrara music in Italy, where he graduated with a degree in jazz guitar. His education didn’t stop there- – di Luzio has taken seminars and masterclasses with the likes of Pat Metheny, Mike Stern, John Abercrombie and others. Di Luzio continues to study harmony and guitar with Les Wise and Dean Brown.

Di Luzio has a performance and concert career that involves working with a variety of international and national artists. His work with renowned artists has led him to play festivals and concerts in Europe. From 2008 to 2013, di Luzio was a member of the SIDMA Orchestra. He has also played with the Jazzlife Orchestra and the Conservatorio Frescobaldi Big Band.

“Globetrotter” by Luca di Luzio

The arrangements and rhythms on “Globetrotter” are engaging. Listeners will hear elements of bossa nova, fusion and blues in his work. Di Luzio is joined on the album by Max Ionata on tenor saxophone, Jimmy Haslip on electric bass, Dave Weckl on drums and George Whitty on keyboards.

The simple melodies and groove of “Smile!” are what di Luzio is most proud. He states that the song is one of the first he has ever written. The arrangement has been updated, but the grooves are stylish in a way that people expect contemporary smooth jazz to be. A seamless and smooth tenor saxophone solo adds a special nuance to the piece.

“Elisir” is almost Latin-sounding, with its driving, danceable rhythms. Di Luzio calls the song “two melodies chasing on a 6/8 feel. Two melodies that become a single bridge.”

There are rock ‘n’ roll elements that add an edgy surprise to the pop-ish development that occurs after the opening. The strong, but nimble guitar riff that weaves in and out of the main soundscape helps orient listeners, or at least gets their attention. It is a cool song that must be heard to be appreciated.

“Globetrotter” is a self-released album and is available at a variety of online retailers.

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