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Luca Di Luzio: Globetrotter

Guitarist Luca Di Luzio knows how to keep good company. For this album of smooth and rocking jazz, he brings in LA’s best in legends Jimmy Haslip/b and Dave Weckl/dr along with first callers George Whitty/key and Max Ionata/ts for a collection of tunes.

Di Luzio mixes tones, at times clear and fluid as on the sleek and warm “Smile!” and the gorgeous soulful romantic ballad “Buena Suerta” while at other times pushing a couple of buttons and getting a gritty sound on more assertive pieces like the upbeat “Jazzlife.” Weckl sets a hip groove on the upbeat and edty “Pop Flea” and Haslip is his funkiest best along with Ionata on the toe tapping “Mr. Brown.” A take of the classic “Naima” is very creative with Di Luzio creating a sonic landscape with guitar effects, and he taps into his inner CTI along with Ionata on the snappy “Sunshower.”

If he’s an LA cat as well, sign him up for a Tuesday night with Joe  Pisano!

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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