Lois Bruno is reviewed by Take Effect with her new album And So It Begins


Lois Bruno


And So It Begins

Wise Cat, 2019


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Although the veteran performer and esteemed vocalist Lois Bruno has worked alongside some of the biggest and brightest names in the business, And So It Begins is actually her debut solo album, where she reworks traditional tunes in her own, inimitable fashion.

“When Sunny Gets Blue” starts the listen with spirited keys and sporadic horns, as Bruno’s expressive vocals guide the intimate tune, and the upbeat and playful Cole Porter tune, “Love For Sale”, follows with a shuffling, jazz fueled pace.

Near the middle, “Always On My Mind” offers an extremely warm version of the country classic with gentle keys and Bruno’s flawless, heartfelt pipes, while “But Beautiful” finds a stylish and silky smooth place to reside with plenty of memorable bass work. “My Romance” one of the strongest tracks, then recruits frisky percussion in the busy and ultra melodic album highlight.

Near the end, “Cry Me A River” uses soft plucking, bouts of horns and a warm elegance in the timeless balladry, and “Somewhere” ends the listen soulful and vocally sublime in the gorgeous and powerful exit that just might be the most mesmerizing version of this tune to date.

If you’ve got a penchant for music made in the ‘40s-’50s, Bruno’s flawless vocal jazz renditions certainly deserve a spot in your collection and will likely see repeated plays.

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