Lois Bruno is reviewed by Sound in Review with 4/5 Stars with And So It Begins

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by Shannon Smith

Lois Bruno : And So It Begins Review, top-notch standards

Lois Bruno

There is nothing more classic than a vocal thrush that offers an authenticity that is not contrived or trying to fit into the latest fad. Enter Lois Bruno, a seasoned vocalist that is only now coming out with her debut release. Aptly titled And So It Begins, the album traverses many song genres but is firmly rooted in the jazz idiom in style and execution. Bruno has performed with such notable musicians as George Cables, Billy Cobham, and Bill Mobley. Including countless recordings in the studio of “Sung Like the Artist.” Early in her career, she caught the ear of DJ superstar, Casey Kasem, who introduced her to Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss of A&M Records.

“Love For Sale,” is a classic Cole Porter tune, Bruno’s rendition is taken at an up-tempo Latin feel. From the unaffected dry recorded style that gives the listener an authentic feel for the commanding prowess of Bruno. From the unadulterated soloing of Kenny Shanker on saxophone who arpeggiates with an immaculate command to the fluidity. Or Mike Eckroth on piano whose keen sense of the bebop language adds a fiery attack to the solo section. Not to be missed is bassist, Yoshi Waki, and drummer Brian Fishler, who hold the core of the ensemble tightly within their driving rhythms.

The latter half of the album has several ballad and mid-slow selections, but a stop at “My Romance” offers a quasi-Latin feel that has an easy-going breeziness about it. Once again, Bruno’s focused and delightful delivery is front and center. She caresses the lyric showing reverence for its meaning, and she eloquently delivers each lyric with assuredness. Once again, Shanker and Eckroth create an in step excitement with their solos.

And So It Begins is the next step in Bruno’s evolution as a performer, documenting her favorite tunes with a top-notch ensemble to back her, it’s a moment in time captured that can be relished by all for years to come. I hope this is only the first in many albums to come.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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