Lois Bruno is reviewed by Lemon Wire with her album And So It Begins

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Lois Bruno

Lois Bruno sings fresh jazz on “And So It Begins”

Lois Bruno is no stranger to music and performing. Even if the vocalist’s name is not well-known to some listeners, Bruno has charted a long career full of performances. “And So It Begins” is the singer’s debut album.

Released in October 2019, “And So It Begins” shows Bruno using different vocal techniques to demonstrate her ability to bring various jazz classics to life. Listening to Bruno is much like feeling like having been transported to some time in the middle of the last century; a time when jazz was still developing in some ways and was appreciated by a wider audience.

Bruno’s approach will help introduce jazz to those who have not appreciated the form before, and will create a stylish retrospective for longtime jazz fans.

A bit about Lois Bruno

Maybe one way to think about Bruno is that she is one of the smoothest female vocalists that not enough audiences have heard of. Still, it is fair to describe her career as long and successful. Bruno has performed with such jazz notables as George Cables, Billy Cobham and Bill Mobley. She has performed at a number of private events and concerts In the studio. The vocalist was also involved in the recording of several “Sung Like the Artist” series projects. Early in her career, Bruno even gained the attention of deejay Casey Kasem. This meeting led to Kasem introducing the singer to Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss of A&M Records.

Years of experience has led Bruno to the opportunity to record her debut. The recording in which the songs she wants to sing, using her unique artistry are on audio display.

The recording does not disappoint. Rich sounds from the instruments, plus the mellifluous beauty of Bruno’s voice add up to a beautiful listening experience. A recording of classics, “And So It Begins” contains gorgeous renditions of “When Sunny Gets Blue” and “Feeling Good.”

“When Sunny Gets Blue” and “Feeling Good” by Lois Bruno

Hearing Bruno sing “When Sunny Gets Blue,” a listener might wonder if anyone else has sung it so well. There is a perfect melancholy tone that permeates the entire song, and it makes audiences wish the best for the title character. The drums’ brush strokes, the gentle rumble of the bass and not to mention Bruno’s voice, all combine in a perfect crush of sound as the story of the lovelorn Sunny unfolds. Bruno’s approach and the unassuming instrumentation makes listeners pay attention. So even if Sunny had been heartbroken before, she has a new love, and maybe he can be helpful if Sunny gets blue.

Likewise, Bruno takes a unique approach on “Feeling Good.” She does not attempt to recreate Nina Simone’s sultry, fiery classic. The key is different, and the rhythm. When the song explodes into sound on the original, a similar thing happens in Bruno’s version. But Bruno does not force notes or over sing. The feel and rhythm of the track invites finger-snapping. The sound is sophisticated and smooth in Bruno’s classic jazz style.

Bruno’s lengthy career has led to this moment – – where her style can be appreciated in the context of classics. “And So It Begins” might be the beginning of something exciting in this phase of the singer’s career.

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