Lizzie Thomas is reviewed by Jazz2Love on her impending 2020 release New Sounds from the Jazz Age

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Lizzie Thomas


Album Review: New Sounds from the Jazz Age from LIzzie Thomas

Album:  New Sounds from the Jazz Age
Artist:  Lizzie Thomas
Label:  LIzzie Thomas Music

Jazz chanteuse Lizzie Thomas releases her fourth album, New Sounds from the Jazz Age, offering aurally gorgeous interpretations of nine classic standards from the Great American Songbook. Endowed with a soothing register reminiscent of her predecessors of the Jazz Age/Prohibition Era, Thomas renews the silky vibrations heralded from generation to generation, becoming a part of the collective consciousness.  Thomas’ latest recording adds her voice to the global collective of gorgeous voices.

The bossa nova sway of “In The Still of the Night” cradles the caressing vibrations of Thomas’ vocals, ladling the melody with seductive undulations.  The fluidity of the track is graced by her warm vocal tones.  Quite a bit more jaunty, Thomas handles “One Note Samba” with the rapid gusto of a typewriter moving at 100 words per minute speed.  Her rendition of “Cheek to Cheek” moves the tempo to a springy glide, augmented by John Colianni’s piano keys. sprinkling the melody in crispy-sounding drizzles.  “Close Your Eyes” is feathered in Felix Peiki’s clarinet swirls as Matt Chertkoff’s guitar weaves in and out of the melodic lines, glinting a soft murmur.

Thomas shows rhythmic control in her vocals that is awesome and entirely of her own creation.  Sensual, caressing, and soothing, Lizzie Thomas’ voice elevates the soul and applies a balm on a beating heart.   She transitions between different tempos and vocal styles and continuously keeps her audience engaged.

Lizzie Thomas – vocals
John Colianni – piano
Jay Leonhart – bass
Boots Maleson – bass
Russell Malone – guitar
Matt Chertkoff – guitar
Omar Daniels – tenor sax and flute
Felix Peikli – clarinet
Bernard Linette – drums
Doug Hendrichs – percussion

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