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Linette Tobin, The New Shape of the World Review

by Steph Cosme on April 13, 2019
Based in Washington, DC – percussionist Linette Tobin has an interesting background. By day; she is a  successful immigration lawyer, that passion is transferred into her music and performance. Her primary instrument is the congas.  She has traveled extensively in Cuba and Africa to seek out the authenticity of  different rhythms and to learn their origins. Her approach to playing is based on applying traditional or folkloric themes to other more contemporary styles, including jazz and fusion (combining genres).  Linette Tobin’s Pangaea was formed out of Tobin’s concept that diversity is a strength. Tobin firmly believes that the “melting pot” that is the U.S. is at the root of American innovation, creativity, and vitality. The groups debut release features seven original tunes and is fittingly titled The New Shape of the World reflecting the core foundational beliefs of Tobin’s conviction.
The New Shape of the World represents a mix of influences ranging from the U.S., Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa. Each are tastefully presented with passion, elegance and a veracity that resonates the soul.
Bottom Line
Each tune on The New Shape of the World is a union of regional areas, adding up to a distinct world music experience. The album features seven original tunes that each speak their own truths. The songs are the sum total of each musicians’ experiences and input. Especially of note is a thrilling conga led tune “Make Way For the Ladies.” Tobin is amazing, her rhythm is masterful. Upon each new listen, the song reveals new textural delights. The song is performed by four women. Tobin of course on Conga, djembe and dununs are skillfully presented by Monette Marino and Kristen Arant and auxiliary percussion is given added depth by Laura Costas. Though each song on the album is particularly enriching, this song in particular is invigorating. The New Shape of the World is as beautiful as the title, worth every savory note. That’s the short of it!
Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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