Linette Tobin receives a heart warming review from Audiophile Review

Linette Tobin’s Pangaea – “The New Shape Of The World” – Tobin Recordings

I have to believe Linette Tobin must be an interesting person. By day, she is a lawyer specializing in immigration law. By night, she discards the briefcase and picks up, ready for this – the congas. Tobin has studied Conga in Cuba and in different parts of Africa in an attempt to heighten her skills and develop new and different rhythms. I would say her style is primarily jazz although, and this should not be a big surprise, there is an unmistakable Latin and African flavor to her music. Call it jazz. Call it World Music. Call it Latin based music. Call it what you would like as all of those descriptors are accurate. Basically, I call it very good.

Overall: 8; Sonics: 8

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