Linda Purl is reviewed by Take Effect with her new album “Taking A Chance On Love.”

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Linda Purl


Linda Purl


Taking A Chance On Love

Reaching, 2020


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Though you may not recognize Linda Purl’s name, she’s got a long list of TV roles, including Happy Days and more recently The Office and Designated Survivor.

Turns out Purl’s an accomplished jazz vocalist, too, and here along with David Finck, Tedd Firth, Ray Marchica and Nelson Rangell she reinvents classic pop tunes from the Great American Songbook.

“Pure Imagination/Never Never Land” starts the listen with elegant keys from Firth as Purl’s soft, expressive vocals add much beauty to the dreamy opener that shifts to swift and adventurous jazz, and “I Have Dreamed” follows with a gentle approach of majestic song craft.

Closer to the middle, “Taking A Chance On Love” finds a waltz friendly place to reside with Finck’s bouncy bass lines, while “Too Late Now” takes the romantic route with Purl’s strong pipes guiding the gentle tune. “Wave”, one of the album’s best, then brings a dance friendly spirit to the affair with punchy keys and even an appearance from a flute.

Deeper tracks include the charming and upbeat “You Fascinate Me”, and “Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)” exits the listen with just Purl’s piano and moving pipes in the bare but sublime environment.

This is Purl’s 5th album and 3rd with Firth, and she again proves that she’s in that small group of artists who are exceptional at both acting and making music as she moves from swing to ballads to bossa nova with seeming ease and much effectiveness.

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