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Linda Purl


Album Review: Taking A Chance On Love from Linda Purl

Album:  Taking A Chance On Love
Artist:  Linda Purl
Label:  Reaching Records

Night club singers have a long history of singing the blues, and just as equally for singing about romance, Linda Purl indulges in the latter theme on her latest release Taking A Chance On Love from Reaching Records.  From the swing-infused “Pure Imagination” to the bossa nova swells of “Wave” to the consoling atmosphere portrayed by the piano ballad driving “Too Late Now,” Purl charms her audience with caressing vocal strokes and a delicate touch in her delivery of the lyrics.

Channeling the penetrative voicing of a magnetic narrator, Purl’s treatment of Billy Joel’s mollifying sonnet “Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel)” projects a loving sentiment that is palpable as she soothes, “Goodnight my angel / time to close your eyes / and save these questions for another day / I think I now what you’ve been asking me / I think you know what I’ve been trying to say / I promised I would never leave you / And you should always know / Wherever you may go / No matter where you are / I will never be far away.”  Written in the style of a Gregorian chant, the gentle whirls of Tedd Firth’s piano keys permeate a lofty sonorous that acts as a springboard for Purl’s vocals.

Switching to the shuffling grooves of “Lucky Day,” Purl demonstrates her versatility as a cabaret singer, stewarding the upswinging beats with aplomb and ease.   The nuances in her vocals punctuate poignant moments in the lyrics of the title track that plant sprigs of hope and joy along the melody as she inscribes a cheerful ring, “Here I go again / I hear the trumpets blow again / I’m all aglow again / Taking a chance on love.”  The melody has a tap dancing pulse that entices the listener to come along on the ride.  Moving into the moonlit glow of “Too Late Now,” the pearlescent sheen of Purl’s vocals are enshrouded in the wistful bristles of Firth’s keys, whose soft twinkles in Abbey Lincoln’s timeless gem “Throw It Away” tenderly highlight Purl’s loving phrasing, of the lyrics, “Let the sun shine through / ’cause you can never lose a thing / if it belongs to you.”

Purl is mainly known by millions of people for her recurring roles on multiple television series including Happy Days, Matlock, The Office, and Homeland.   Supported by pianist Tedd Firth, bassist David Finck, drummer Ray Marchina, and reed player Nelson Rangel, Purl’s latest recording displays her love for these songs, treating each one with a tender touch and loving sentiment.

Linda Purl – vocals
David Finck – bass
Tedd Firth – piano
Ray Marchica – drums
Nelson Rangell – reeds

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