“Christmas in 3D” by 3D Jazz Trio is a perfect holiday surprise

The ladies of the 3D Jazz Trio are back. This time, they are spreading holiday cheer with their spins on classic tunes that are sure to make the season bright. “Christmas in 3D” by the 3D Jazz Trio is a collection of 10 songs that sound anything but traditional. The group infuses their work with gospel, country, and sometimes a touch of rock ‘n’ roll here or there, while keeping jazz front and center. This blending of styles is no easy feat, but the ladies pull it off. The result? Just for a while, listeners can take their minds off the unease of the real world and take in sounds of the season that are both skillful and joyous.

About 3D Jazz Trio

The group formed in 2014. The group consists of Amy Shook on bass and fiddle, Jackie Warren on piano, and Sherrie Maricle on drums. They were the DIVA Jazz Orchestra that played in Maurice Hines’ award-winning show, “Tappin’ Thru Life.” From their first shared downbeat, music history was made. The group has had two residencies at Maryland Summer Jazz, the most recent was held in Summer 2020. The group frequently holds clinics at colleges and universities around the US.

The 3D Jazz Trio’s latest recording is “I Love to See You Smile.” That album was recorded January 2020. Their debut album was released in 2016. The current album, “Christmas in 3D” was released in late fall 2020, just in time to herald the holiday season.

“Christmas in 3D” by 3D Trio

The songs on this recording can wake up the sleepiest and cold of winter nights. The snappy feel is like a yule log bringing life and warmth into a room. From the first track, “Winter Wonderland,” to the last, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” there is a lot to love about this album.

What is nice about “Christmas in 3D” is that in a season often overwhelmed by Christmas albums, this one offers new sounds, new tones to classics. There is enough of the original left in each song to recognize it, but the hallmarks of the musicians shine through.

“Winter Wonderland” is marked by Warren’s spirited and soulful piano-playing at the beginning. Later in the song, audiences are treated to Shook’s rhythm-rich bass playing and showcase. If listeners have not appreciated it before, now is a good time to get a taste of Maricle’s drumming. It borders on thundering, but it will help get people dancing to Christmas music.

“Silent Night” becomes a thing of Gospel-tinged beauty in the hands of 3D Trio. The piano steals the show with its ringing notes and melancholy tones. The drum work here is more sedate and unexpected. The bass underscores it all in beautifully deep tones. This song should be played often. As a classic and as part of the 3D Trio repertoire, it is a must-listen.

With so much in the world casting a cloud over the season, it is literally a joy to hear musicians expressing traditional holiday sentiments in nuanced ways. A holiday album that makes listeners both dance and reflect is one that should be cherished. “Christmas in 3D” does not disappoint.