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Larry Corban


Nabroc, 2019


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A New York City jazz guitarist and composer now with 5 albums under his belt as bandleader, on Emergence Larry Corban is again aligned with the Aperturistic Trio as well as saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi for 8 tunes of upbeat fun as well as moving balladry.

“Sea Of Fire” gets the album off to lively, up tempo, swinging fun, before the playful “Table Steaks” follows with an intricate solo from pianist James Weidman. Elsewhere, “Observer Effect” brings bossa influences to the dynamic interplay, while “Soon To Be” finds the ensemble in contemplative waters with much adventurous beauty.

The second half of the album is equally glorious, with the highly rhythmic “Never Let Me Go”, the rich guitar work and keys of “On The Fly”, and the emotive balladry of “Non-Determinism”. “You And The Night And The Music” ends the album strong with adept drumming and the kind of chemistry that comes from playing together for years.

An extremely well fleshed out listen with plenty of hard bop ideas, all fans of jazz should be captivated by not only Corban’s skill here, but his all star cast who have proved time and again that they’re the best in the business.

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