Kristin Callahan is reviewed by Jazzweekly with “Lost In A Dream”

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Kristin Callahan


Kristin Callahan: Lost In A Dream

Vocalist Kristin Callahan has made a name for herself delivering a pair of tribute shows to Peggy Lee and Julie London. The emotion, style and class of those two inspirations have been imbibed well by Ms. Callahan as she delivers some clever interpretations of jazz standards with a mix and match team of Eliot Seppa/b, Matvei Sigalov/g, Tom Teasley/perc, Carroll Dashiell III-Mark Prince-Lee Person/dr, Joe Herrera/tp and Matt Rippetoe/sax. She looks good in nylon, supported by Sigalov’s lovely strings as she gives a crystalline read of “Lush Life”, while getting tender on the intimate and delicate “Lost In A Dream”. She takes you to Iberian sands with Herrera as she rides Seppa’s camel’d cadence of “Caravan” and is luminous with his muted  Miles horn on the shadowed version of “Round Midnight”. The mood gets ethereal as she “oohs” through the strings of bass and guitar of the softly clothed “The Shadow Of Your Smile” and she is riveting as she gets fragile around the tapped percussive strings on “Once I Loved”. As flexible and strong as Cirque du Soleil.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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