Kristen R. Bromley Trio is reviewed by Jazzweekly who says; “Bromley’s tone is able to get wide ranging and Metheny-esque….”

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Kristen R. Bromley Trio: Simply Miraculous

Guitarist Kristen R. Bromley shows taste and mastery as she leads a trio session with drummer Jay Lawrence and bassist Matt Larson on this collection of originals and traditionals. Of the former, Bromley’s tone is able to get wide ranging and Metheny-esque on that open landscape of “The L’s Are Silent” as well as delivering a kind of Midwest warmth to the snappy title track.  Her strings bend the blues as Lawrence lays down a crispy beat on “Winter Sundown” with his ride cymbal guiding the path for Bromely’s spacious excursion on “ Winter Sunrise.” A ten minute opus, “Lasst Uns Erfreuen” is a folk pieces that is a wondrous journey from gospel to groove, while her acoustic guitar work on the hymn medley “I Know My Redeemer/He Lives!” is as fragrant as candles burning in a Sunday morning service. I could listen to this lady all day.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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