Kenny Carr is reviewed by Jazzweekly, personifying his funky roots

Kenny Carr: Departure

Guitarist Kenny Carr brings together a mix of swing and rock with Donny McCaslin/ts, Kenny Wollesen/dr and Has Glawischnig on this collection of ten originals. The two front line of McCaslin with the leader makes for some great unison themes as they canter on the post bop “Intervals” and groove hard on the funky AWB-ish “Waiting,” building up to a dramatic finish on “Evolutions. Carr’s guitar is thick and able to get funky on the Fabulous Flamer “Tell Me I Can’t” and with some synth addition to his ax creates rich scapes on the rocking  “Bear Call.” The more  placid “Departure” has a soft conversation between McCaslin, Carr and Glawishnig” and the team gets pretty as they waltz through an impressionistic “Parallels.” If this band tours, go check them out!

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