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Kenney Polson, For Lovers Only Review

by Steph Cosme


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Pacific Northwest based jazz saxophonist Kenney Polson has lived and performed in over 50 countries. Polson has appeared on U.S. television with jazz greats Kenny Burrell, Jimmy Heath, Phil Woods, David Sanborn and Wynton Marsalis. He has performed live with Joe Williams, Gil Scott-Heron, Michael Henderson, Norman Connors, Bettye Swan, and Lee Garrett.  He has toured Japan, Korea, Hawaii, Colombia, Brazil, and over a dozen Caribbean Islands. In 2016 and 2017, he toured extensively with Rick James’ Original Stone City Band playing major festivals such as Capital City Jazz Festival and Orange County Funk Fest in California. With the Kenney Polson group and other ensembles, he has appeared at the Stockton Smooth Jazz Festival, PDX Jazz Festival and Vanport Jazz Festival.  His album, For Lovers Only features: Bruce Conte and keyboardist Roger Smith (Tower of Power), trumpeter Larry Gittens (Kool & The Gang), guitarist Phil Upchurch (Donny Hathaway and George Benson), and smooth jazz pioneer – pianist Tom Grant. Trombonist Fred Wesley (Parliament Funkadelic) and bassist/vocalist Michael Henderson (Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder).

Positives: Kenney’s years of experience can be heard in a seasoned offering that is focused on the entrancing subject of love. Aptly titled, each group member puts forth tender and passionate performances.
Bottom Line: Seductive melodies with a focus on soulful performances by a stellar cast of players. Polson is savvy in his selections of classics like “Stella by Starlight,” alongside his acutely suave originals, like the swanky “Blessed,” or the introspective “Black Swan,” or the seductive “Passion.” Polson’s tone is filled with devotion, he elongates each note with purpose and evokes heartfelt performances on each track. Whether using metric modulations for effect or soft brushes for a romantic emotive, each song conveys the storyline of love. Once again, this seasoned saxophonist has created a lasting addition to his ever-growing discography with For Lovers Only. That’s the short of it!
Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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