Kenney Polson is reviewed by Audiophile Review landing a score of 9.5

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New Music For May 31, 2019

Kenney Polson – “For Lovers Only” – No Slop Media


Borrowing styles from jazz, new age, Latin, classical, funk, and gospel, sax phenom Kenney Polson gives the listener exactly what the title suggests. This is nice music. Imagine being in a movie and walking along a moonlit beach with that special someone by your side. Got that image? Well, this music would be the soundtrack for that scene. What Polson seeks to accomplish is a blending of smooth jazz with R&B but do so in a romantic way. Six of the ten tracks are original works, the remaining four covers. This is definitely mood music and if you would ever like to impress a special someone, this is it. Born in Kansas City, MO, Polson earned a master’s in jazz composition and arranging from Howard University in 1997. He resides in the Pacific Northwest and has performed in over thirty countries around the world.

Overall:  9.5/10 Sonics:  8/10

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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