Kayle Brecher is reviewed by The Aquarian Weekly with her new album Kayleidoscope

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by Mike Greenblatt


A native New Yorker now living and
working out of Philadelphia, singer
Kayle Brecher knows no boundaries.
Her adventurism fully flowers on her
eighth album, Kayleidoscope (Penchant
Four Records). Graduating Temple
University with a double-major of
performance and compositions
/arranging, she set sail back to
Greenwich Village as a teenage blues
singer but soon joined the BMI Jazz
Composers Workshop.

When John Coltrane took “My
Favorite Things” from the 1959 Rodgers
& Hammerstein musical The Sound Of
Music and turned it into a jazz standard,
the song’s inherent melodic twists and
turns were made manifest, thus paving
the way for everyone from pop singer
Jack Jones and Herb Alpert & The
Tijuana Brass to country singer Lorrie
Morgan and Ariana Grande (who lifted
that haunting melody for her “7 Rings”)
to transcend it into the fabric of pop
culture. No one does it like Kayle
Brecher, though. You won’t even know
what song it is until a few minutes into
its extended 7:30 treatment.
“She” is her most provocative song.
It’s the most profound homeless-woman
song since Harry Nilsson’s “Mourning
Glory” in 1969. “Something About You”
goes Latin right quick. Her version of
Jimmy Webb’s “Shattered”—not to be
confused with the Stones song of the
same name—rivals the Ronstadt and
Garfunkel versions. “An Elegant Tale”
hits its Afro-Cuban groove within
seconds. In “Sea Of Dolphins,” she
adds lyrics to Herbie Hancock’s 1965
“Dolphin Dance.” And most charming
of all is her update on “I Remember It
Well,” originally a duet between Maurice
Chevalier and Hermione Gingold in the
1958 movie musical Gigi.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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