Justin Varnes receives 5/5 Stars from Amazon’s Top 100 Reviewer Grady Harp with Survival Instinct: The Evilution of the Pack

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Justin Varnes

Grady Harp
Top Contributor: HALL OF FAME – TOP 100 REVIEWER
Justin Varnes
Atlanta drummer/composer/arranger/bandleader Justin Varnes has created an album designed to highlight ‘a specific but basic human instinct that causes us to be violent toward each other while highlighting ways to conquer these tendencies and bring us together.’ This album was recorded with no headphones or overdubs or splices – or as Justin terms it – No Genetically Modified Music!

The musicians are Mark Rapp – trumpet, Luke Weathington – alto sax, John Sandfort – tenor sax, Nick Rosen – piano, Kevin Smith – bass, and Justin Varnes – drums.

The tracks are Prelude, Fergimore Island, TX Blues, Tout Le Monde Aime La France, Many Sons, Interlude, Thread, Red Mouse Blue Mouse, Pulse, Emanuel, and Postlude.

In addition to the sociologic aspect of this idea, the performances are just superb! Get involved and enjoy it!

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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