Roots Music Report reviews June Bisantz – 7 Shades of Snow (feat. The Jon Burr Sextet)

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June Bisantz

Album Review of

7 Shades of Snow (feat. The Jon Burr Sextet)

June Bisantz

Written by Joe Ross

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June Bisantz’s pleasant holiday recording features a collection of six songs written by Connie Pearce and Arnold Miller in 1961 for cool-jazz singer June Christy. Singing them with warmth, restraint and subtlety, Bisantz provides a set of wintertime tunes that make one reflect on the attractive “cool” tone of jazz in the 1950s. Bassist and leader Jon Burr’s attentive charts provide just the right arrangements for his intimate, minimalist sextet to accompany the vocalist without overpowering her.

This album was recorded remotely in seven separate musicians’ studios. Besides Bisantz and Burr, the other musicians include Mike Eckroth (piano), James Chirillo (guitar), Brandon Lee (trumpet), Marc Pfaneuf (saxophone) and Alvester Garnett (drums). The songs focus on love and celebration of the holidays, but some also speak to other feelings and colorings of winter, such as “Sorry to See You Go,” “Winter’s Got Spring Up Its Sleeve,” and “Seven Shades of Snow.” For a little merry music outside the normal holiday fare, check out this charming album.

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Kari Gaffney

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