June Bisantz and & Alexander Nakhimovsky receive a warming review from Jazz2Love

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Album Review: Love’s Tango from June Bisantz & Alexander Nakhimovsky

by Susan Frances
Album:  Love’s Tango
Artist:  June Bisantz & Alexander Nakhimovsky
Label:  EH2U
Websites:  https://www.junebisantz.com

Love’s Tango’s repertoire is comprised of original jazz-inspired, Latin-induced melodies co-written by June Bisantz and Alexander Nakhimovsky.  From silky bossa nova arias to jamboree-style sambas, a compelling tango, and a steamy Rachmaninoff-influenced prelude, the recording revels in the joys of life, finding pleasure in the simple luxury of being surrounded by upbeat music.

The romantic lure of the swirling strings woven swiftly along “Prelude To a Wish” is the recording’s moment to pay homage to the classical composer Rachmaninoff.  Performed by Brunilda Myftaraj on violin, Lu San on viola and Kathy Schiano on cello, the tune is a garden bed of delightful sprigs, glimmering with an elegance that piques the audience’s attention.

The CD commences with the gently breezy vapors of “A Wish That Came True,” catacomb by the wispy tendrils of Norman Johnson’s guitar strings and twinkling vibrations emanating from the leisurely stroll of Nakhimovsky’s keys.  The island sway in the rhythm pulse of Ed Fast’s drums and Matt Dwonszyk’s bass has a hypnotic touch on the listener.

Continuing to enchant the listener, the title track is silhouette in Marcus Centola’s slinky accordion whirls and the graceful flutter of Myftaraj’s violin strings, branding the melody in a confluence of folkloric and sophisticated features. The tango rhythm bodes well with Bisantz’s registration and vocal strides.

Shifting again into bossa nova terrain, “Ocean Dreams” has a dreamy feel reminiscent of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “The Girl from Ipanema.”  The island-tinged instrumentation whisks the listener to a serene plane as Bisantz’s smooth voicing caresses the downy bossa nova swells.  Meanwhile, a samba strut canvasses “It’s You” in a festive mood, traversing into the willowy bossa nova emanations of “The Reverie.”

The repertoire on Love’s Tango is contained within the confines of the Latin-influenced spectrum but such restraints do not diminish its appeal.  The music is lovely and Bisantz’s vocals are evenly tempered, which reels the listener into a peaceful state of being.

June Bisantz – voice
Alex Nakhimovsky – piano
Norman Johnson – guitar
Matt Dwonszyk, bass
Brunilda Myftaraj – violins
Lu San – viola
Kathy Schiano – cello
John Mastroianni – flute
Ed Fast – drums and percussion
John Mastroianni – flute, clarinet, alto and tenor saxophone
Steve Davis – trombone
Jeff Holmes – flugelhorn and trumpet

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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