June Bisantz & Alex Nakhimovsky receive a stirring review from Audiophile Review

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June Bisantz & Alex Nakhimovsky – “Love’s Tango” – EH2U

In my mind, musically, the Tango is somehow a type of Latin based, or Samba based musical style. And okay, maybe some measure of jazz thrown in as well. Titles can be deceiving, however. In the latest release from June Bisantz and Alex Nakhimovsky, they deliver a work that combines soft, melodic, jazz themes with, at times anyway, a Rachmaninoff inspired string section and overall, a magnificent work. Make no mistake, this is a sweet, soft, Sunday morning, lazy breakfast type of music. Or a romantic evening at home. Yet somehow, this duo, who has been writing and performing together since 2005, manages to combine Latin rhythms, jazz, classical, and soft, easy listening music into a group of seven songs that are sure to please. Bisantz has a terrific voice and one that seems perfectly suited for this style of music. Nakhimovsky is a force on the piano and his skills are no less apparent than the vocal abilities of his partner. Put this on and get lost in romance.

Overall: 8; Sonics: 8

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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