Take Effect reviews June Bisantz, 7 Shades of Snow

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June Bisantz


by Tom Haugen


7 Shades Of Snow

Arabesque, 2021


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The vocalist and visual artist June Bisantz is surrounded by Jon Burr’s bass, Mike Eckroth’s piano, James Chirillo’s guitar, Brandon Lee’s trumpet, Marc Pfaneuf’s saxophone, and Alvester Garnett’s drums across these 6 tracks, where they embrace the wide range of feelings that exist during the holiday season.

“The Merriest” starts the listen with warm piano, soulful trumpet and Bisantz’s flowing vocals guiding the timeless jazz opener, and “Ring A Merry Bell” follows with calm drumming and playfully plucked bass as the poetic singing emits a very cozy spirit.

In the middle, “Hang Them On The Tree” glides with a charming melody amid the crisp drums, well timed brass and Bisantz’s upbeat singing, while the title track offers a romantic mood of sublime beauty.

The last two tracks, “Sorry To See You Go” and “Winter’s Got Spring Up Its Sleeve”, exit with the former being a swift and memorable EP highlight, and the latter finds an intimate place to reside with eloquence and introspection.

Recorded during the height of the pandemic restrictions in 7 different studios where the musicians never saw one another, 7 Shades Of Snow is an ideal soundtrack to winter, where Bisantz’s silky voice and the Jon Burr Sextet’s skilled instrumentation make for a comforting and charming listen.

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