June Bisantz and Alex Nakhimovsky receive a 9.1 from Staccatofy

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by Adorjan Horvát

What is better than one creative mind, well two of course.  Co-leaders June Bisantz, a lauded vocalist and pianist Alex Nakhimovsky have come together to create a decisively Latin flavored casting of original compositions that are inventive as well as artistic, while still maintaining a deeply musical vehicle. Bisantz has creativity in her bones, a Professor Emeritus of Art & Design at Eastern Connecticut State University her works have been exhibited in galleries, museums and public spaces throughout the United States.  It is this unique purview that gives Bisantz her highly creative phrasing and refined style.  Nakhimovsky is a seasoned professional in classical as well as jazz idioms.  He has extensively toured the United States, Russia, Japan and Israel.  Both artists have enjoyed fruitful careers and out of their joint love of writing Love’s Tango was born.  The co-leaders are joined by Norman Johnson – guitar; Matt Dwonszyk – bass; Brunilda Myftaraj – violin; Lu San – viola; Kathy Schiano – cello; Marcus Centola – accordion; John Mastroianni – flute, clarinet, saxophone; Jeff Holmes – trumpet/flugelhorn; Steve Davis – trombone; Ed Fast – drums, vibraphone and percussion.

Positives: Delightfully witty lyrics, paired with music that enlivens the senses and lightens your heart.

Bottom Line: The instrumentation of Love’s Tango is exotic and beautifully executed. The use of strings on selections like “This Reverie,” “A Wish That Came True,” and “Ocean Dreams,” add a lush sonic-scape that reinforces the sultry moods of each tune. Whereas “11 Note Samba,” and “Its’ You,” offer a lively easy going feel. Percussion plays a heavy role in the propulsion of these songs. Bizantz has an easy-going alto style with a low burn sensuality that percolates with assuredness and sophistication. The instrumentation is tastefully orchestrated with authenticity. Nakhimovsky is genius with his colorizations of the melodies. You can hear the delicacy and maturity within his note choices. Another player of note is vibraphonist Ed Fast, his contribution of “11 Note Samba,” is nothing short of galvanized. An engaging listen from start to finish, Love’s Tango is a recording of urbanity and splendor. That’s the short of it!

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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