JP’s Music reviews Alexander McCabe: I’d Prefer

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Alex mcCabe


by James Pasinski

The music of jazz musician/composer Alexander McCabe has been heard on a number of soundtracks (“A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood” and “Tomorrow Never Dies”) and television shows (“Breaking Bad” and “Nurse Jackie”). Now, Alexander McCabe is ready to add his fourth studio album “I’d Prefer” to his resume of music releases. The new eight song release features the amazing vocals of Alexander’s sister, Anne McCabe and the stellar sax of George Coleman, who performed with the late, great Miles Davis. The album begins with the nostalgic sounding “I Really Don’t Care,” which sounds like it could have come from a Rogers and Hammerstein musical, as McCabe and Coleman trade solos. Then, the tempo slows down for the mellow vibe of “A Christmas Song,” before the mood lifts with the swinging tempo of the title-song “I’d Prefer.” The one and only cover song on the album is a sweet, loving version of Janet Jackson’s “Together Again,” which McCabe tries to make his own, adding a different tempo to the song. Alexander McCabe finishes up his new album with the most energetic tracks on the album, his tribute to the great “New York City” and the swinging flow of the seven-minute jam, “Out Front Blues.” To find out more about Alexander McCabe and his latest release “I’d Prefer,” please visit

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