JPs Music Log reviews Kane Mathis and his new album “Geminus”

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Kane Mathis


by James Pasinsky

Accomplished musician Kane Mathis had taken on the task of learning to perform new music with the 21-string Mandinka Harp (a traditional West African instrument) and the Turkish Oud (which is a short-necked lude, pear-shaped instrument). After studying these instruments for over two decades, he has now brought his learnings to a new album titled “Geminus,” which features ten tracks that finds Kane switching between the two instruments. The seven-plus minute opener “Route Des Jardins” flows beautifully through the string notes of the Mandinka Harp, as you a swept away by the melody. Kane then transports you with the Middle Eastern sound of “Kurdi 7 and 9,” before returning to the angelic, harp-like instrumental “Kaira.” His talents on the Oud shine, as he presents “Etude (For Oud In 3 Sections),” which keeps you glued to his every pluck of the string. Kane Mathis closes out his new album with an swift, energetic run through “Gemini” and the final excursion to other worldly lands with the delivery of “Nikriz Sirto.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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