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Jonathan Karrant & Joshua White


by Robert Nicosia

CD REVIEW: Jonathan Karrant and Joshua White, “Shadows Falls”

Singer Jonathan Karrant and Pianist Joshua White are two of the most brilliant young performers on the Jazz scene today and have just released their new album, “Shadows Fall”.  The CD is a collaboration between two very talented musicians.  The playlist is intriguing with songs of traditional standards joined by some contemporary songs.  All the songs while different are brought to life by the refreshing new voices of Karrant and White.  Jonathan Karrant’s vocal phrasing and lush voice work perfectly with these unusual paring of songs.  Joshua White would be treasured by any vocalist.  His playing is always sensitive and he is careful to keep the spotlight away from his wonderful piano performances and on the singing of Karrant.  And ,yet, he is able to blend together with Karrant’s voice to make it one voice.

Jonathan Karrant has paid his dues to reach his current level of vocal performance.  He has studied privately under the direction of Marilyn May and Kurt Elling two of the greatest Jazz Vocalists of our times. Jonathan has received many awards for his singing as you would expect.   He has learned his lessons well and his phrasing and warm rich voice are as good as any Jazz singer could hope for.  Joshua White is a creative and technically accomplished pianist.  Herbie Hancock called White an “Immense
Talent” and lauded him for his daring and courageous approach to improvisation.  He placed in the top two of the prestigious Thelonious Monk International Piano Competition.
I highly recommend this new album to anyone who appreciates the very best in Jazz singing and performance.
Jonathan Karrant- Vocals
Joshua White- Piano
1. Simply the Best
2. My Romance
3. Detour Ahead
4. I Try
5. Stop This World
6. Lush Life
7. Wrap You Troubles in Dreams
8. So In Love
9. Your Smiling Face
10. I’m Afraid the Masquerade Is Over
11. I Thought About You
12. My One and Only Love
13. Being Me
I had a tough time picking just two songs because every song on this album is so unique and so pleasurable to listen to.  If you are a fan of Jazz vocals you must add this CD to your collection.  I have to mention that I was blown away with Jonathan singing on the Billy Strayhorn’s “Lush Life”.  In my opinion this great classic is one of the hardest songs for any singer to conquer.  It’s complicated and yet produces a simple story of romance, pain and reality.   My favorite is the Johnny Hartman cover and it’s almost unfair to compare any other performance to his version.  But Jonathan and Pianist Joshua White do a mighty fine job with this song.  The two songs I have attached from YouTube are “I’m Afraid the Masquerade is Over” and a Mose Allyson classic, “Stop This World”.
Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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