Jenny Davis receives 5/5 Stars from Amazon’s Top 100 Reviewer with Rearranged

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Jenny Davis


Jenny Davis
Composer/arranger/bandleaders/vocalist Jenny Davis has stated, ’Being a composer is about more than creating amazing music. It’s also an opportunity to reach hearts and minds through the metaphysical power of music.’ And Jenny reaches that opportunity with this fine recording of nine of her own compositions and three standards by Herbie Hancock, Bob Telson, and Bronislav Kaper, each arranged by Jenny.

The recording includes a live performance and that gives it added zip – that sound, and feeling, of being present with the ensemble. That ensemble is as follows:

Jenny Davis – vocals, compositions, Jovino Santos Neto – piano, Chuck Deardorf – bass, Jeff Busch – drums, Kurt Festinger – tenor saxophone, Dimitri Matheny – flugelhorn, Mark Taylor – alto saxophone, Heather Bentley – viola/violin, David Lange – accordion, The Yeoman Warders Sax Quartet (Kate Olsen – soprano, Mark Taylor – alto, Cynthia Mullis – tenor, Jim Dejoie – baritone) with added vocals by Lorrie Ruiz and Vanessa Littrell.

The songs – Aceptar, And What If I Don’t, Come With Me, Rearranged, Yeoman Warders, Invitation, Saying Yes, Calling You, Answer the Call, Gemini Tango, Wise Up, and the live track of Rearranged.

A breath of fresh air and excellent performances – this recording is very fine.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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