Jenny Davis











Three Penny, 2020


Listen to Rearranged

On this 4th album as leader, the jazz vocalist Jenny Davis brings in her esteemed band The Yeoman Warders Sax Quartet, as well as the Grammy nominated Jovino Santos Neto on piano, among many others.

“Aceptar” starts the listen with vivid percussion as gentle keys and bright brass supports the smooth and expressive bossa nova vocals from Davis, and this continues to the playful Herbie Hancock tune “And What If I Don’t”, where Davis shows incredible adaptability with her singing.

In the middle, “Yeoman Warders” flows with precise saxophones on the instrumental highlight, while “Saying Yes”, the vocal standout, recruits agile melodies that run parallel with the strong pipes from Davis. “Answer The Call”, another noteworthy track, then offers a timeless jazz quality amid the emotive performance from Davis as a violin adds much to the mood.

Near the end, “Wise Up” brings a quick pace of crisp and frisky interaction between the piano, drums and saxophone, and the second version of the title track exits the listen with aching strings in a sublime atmosphere as the vocal work from Davis soars high in the live setting.

An artist who also brings much academic strength to her craft, Davis is using her talent as an agent of change, too, as she brings topical wordplay into the timeless jazz atmosphere where Latin ideas are in attendance, as are blues and swing nods.

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