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Jenny Davis


Album Review: Rearranged from Jenny Davis

Album:  Rearranged
Artist:  Jenny Davis
Label:  Three Penny Records

Rearranged, the 4th recording by Jenny Davis as a leader sees her joined by the the Yeoman Warders Sax Quartet and other musicians.  A composer, bandleader and critically acclaimed jazz vocalist, Davis’s offering features 9 original works penned by her, accompanied by 3 covers.  Supporting her on the tracks is 3-time Grammy nominated pianist Jovino Santos Neto, who integrates a Latin flavor into the scores.

Her cool jazz temperament evokes a lounging atmosphere throughout the recording while the balmy and breezy traipsing of the keys enhance the tranquilizing impression.  The cool rhythmic strut in the undertow of “And What If I Don’t Want,” a piece written by Herbie Hancock, fuses jazz-inspired traits like swing, blues, and bossa nova.  Her smooth vocalese on “Come with Me,” an original track written by Davis, resonates lulling epistles that change to a lamenting dialogue along the title track.

The swinging tempo suspending “Invitation” is propelled by the sweet lyricism performed by the horns, engrossing the listener in a starlight ambience.  The cafe/cabaret style of Davis’s vocals enlivens the music as the harmony vocals of Lorrie Ruiz chime in intermittently.  The tangoesque canter in David Lange’s accordion strolling along “Gemini Tango” unleashes a steamy quiver as Neto’s keys prance nimbly across the track, driving the recording into a string-embossed rendition of the title track.  Here, Davis’s eloquent versing is supported by the Sirius String Quartet.

Davis’s reflections about life and thought-provoking vocals make her distinct as an artist. Her willingness to fuse various musical elements enhances her vocal style and repertoire, making her a multi-faceted performer, composer and leader.

Jenny Davis – vocals and composition
Jovino Santos Neto – piano
Chuck Deardorf – bass
Jeff Busch – drums
Kurt Festinger – tenor saxophone
Dimitri Matheny – flugelhorn
Mark Taylor – alto saxophone
Heather Bentley – viola/violin
David Lange – accordion

The Yeoman Warders Sax Quartet:
Kate Olsen – soprano
Mark Taylor – alto
Cynthia Mullis – tenor
Jim Dejoie – baritone

Additional vocals:
Lorrie Ruiz
Vanessa Littrell

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