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Jeff Rupert and George Garzone


Jeff Rupert with George Garzone


The Ripple

Rupe, 2020


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Jeff Rupert and George Garzone, both legends in the are of saxophone sounds and Grammy winners, come together with Richard Drexler on keys, Marty Morell behind the drum kit and Jeremy Allen on bass. Together, the ensemble reinvent several classic tunes as well as offering 3 originals on the thrillin The Ripple.

“Bahia (aka Baia)” starts the listen with soulful tenor sax as swift keys and light percussion highlight the affair, and this elegance continues to the upbeat and playful keys of the original, “GO-GO”, as well as the initially cautious and graceful “Stardust”, that bursts into a busy display of classic jazz.

Further along, “Detour Ahead” finds a spirited place to reside with gorgeous interplay between the sax and drums, while “The Red Door” shuffles quickly with swift melodies. “Hoboken”, a late album highlight, then offers sublime post-bop fun in a Rupert penned track.

At the end, Wayne Shorter’s “Lester Left Town” pairs piano and brass together with fluid results, and “Alone Together” ends the affair with dual saxophones in the creative and rhythmic exit.

A tribute album to Lester Young, though there’s no actual Young tunes present, artists that inspired him are included, as the tenor sax focused compositions bop fluently and also find creative ways to get soulful in this profoundly exciting listen.

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