Jeff Rupert with George Garzone is reviewed by Jazzweekly (RINGER OF THE WEEK) with their new album “The Ripple”

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Jeff Rupert and George Garzone


****RINGER OF THE WEEK****Jeff Rupert & George Garzone: The Ripple

Since the Swing Era, two tenor summits have been one of the joys of jazz. This one with warm toned Jeff Rupert and modern sounding George Garzone is an absolute delight, with the comparison, contrasts and combinations of the two a balm for the ears.

The rhythm team of pianist Richard Drexler, drummer Marty Morell and bassist Jeremy Allen is perfectly suited, dressed in a Blue Note suit, and well fitted for the sublime lines as the saxes stream together on the rippling “Lester Left Town” and sway to the exotic “Bahia”. The two tenors deliver a rich duet aria intro to “Stardust” that is conversant and laconic before floating into the melody, while they boogie to the bop on Lionel Hampton’s “Red Top”. Rupert is in a Getzian mood for the luscious “The Shadow Of Your Smile” and Garzone takes a rich turn on “Detour Ahead”. The pair of reeds created a thick and rich sauce of sound as they go it alone together on…”Alone Together” with a fitting melding of flavors. This is one to savor!

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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