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Jeff Rupert and George Garzone


Album Review: The Ripple from Jeff Rupert and George Garzone

Album:  The Ripple
Artists:  Jeff Rupert and George Garzone

Saxophonists Jeff Rupert and George Garzone let loose on their new release The Ripple, offering balmy instrumentals mixed with bopping jaunts.  Supported by pianist Richard Drexler, drummer Marty Morell, and bassist Jeremy Allen, the duo of Rupert and Garzone make music that soothes the soul and jumpstarts one’s motor.

The silky treads of their saxophones cruising along “Stardust” snugly cradle the listener in clouds of comfort.   Their music is affable, putting the listener in a reclining position while displaying an appealing enthusiasm.  Music made for the intimate setting of jazz clubs, their delivery of “Without a Song,” written by Vincent Youmans and Billy Rose, wafts a tapping bebop pulse as Drexler’s pouncing keys craft a glittering vamp.  It is precisely what audiences expect to hear in supper clubs and classy piano bar rooms.

The graceful sail of the silhouettes performed by the pair’s saxophones on “The Shadow of Your Smile” caress the aural senses as the rhythmic patterns of Morell’s drums and Allen’s bass contour the tune in soft undulations.   “Red Top” demonstrates the pair’s fondness of bop-inspired movements, and “Hoboken” shows their tuneful synchronicity.  The meditative mood of “Beauty Becomes Her” displays an attractive tenderness in the drowsy toots of the saxophones, giving the impression of the sun setting and night-time consuming the atmosphere.

Showcasing works that had been Influenced by the improvising techniques of saxophonist Lester Young, Rupert and Garzone embrace the bop style of jazz in its various formations. The music reflects a lifestyle, projecting atmospheres that lean towards pensive moods and reclining climates.

Jeff Rupert – tenor saxophone
George Garzone – tenor saxophone
Richard Drexler – piano
Marty Morell – drums
Jeremy Allen – bass

Kari Gaffney

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