Jazzweekly reviewed Dan Moretti’s “Tres Libre”

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Dan Moretti



Dan Moretti: Tres Libre








Dan Moretti mixes saxes and styles on this mix and match of moods, musicians and styles. He’s mostly on tenor, and plays it with full confidence, digging deep into subtone magma with a seductive reggae’d beat on “Mumbo Jumbo” while giving a bluesy melancholy state of mind alongside Marty Richards’ muscular drum work on “When You Leave This World”. Moretti also does some clever harmonics on the lovely liturgical “The Missing Breath “ with is a choir-like puree of reeds, while with percussionist Jorge Najarro and bassist Hernando Isaza Cano he jams long and hard on the Cuban sizzler “Escrito Jazz Libre”. His soprano gets funky veering around the spacious guitar work of Bruce Bartlett on “Pandeiro-Funk” while an alto he works around Marty Ballou’s electric bass groove on  a fabulous flame thrower during the Maceo  Parker-grooved “Jim Brown’s Cousin”. Moretti uses his reeds to beat the beat.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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