Jazz2Love reviews Igor Kogan: In A Big City

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Igor Kogan


Album Review: In a Big City from Igor Kogan

Album:  In a Big City
Artist:  Igor Kogan
Label: Self-Released
Website:  https://www.koganigormusic.com

In a Big City is the debut release from bassist/bandleader Igor Kogan, featuring all original compositions.  Accompanied by Jeremy Lappitt on tenor saxophone, Joshua Aguiar on trumpet and flugelhorn, Marco Apicella on piano, Matthew Baker on drums, and special guest jazz vocalist Tierney Sutton, the recording shuffles between soothing ballads and  traditional jazz motifs, sprinkled in pinches of improvised anecdotes and dashes of whirling horns with a bop-inspired palette.


Kogan’s bass solo on “Bass Introduction” travels in frenzied patterns that are strangely calming on the listener.  His urgent movements produce a frothy gurgle that projects a softness and easiness through the track.  The recording segues into “New York Blues” showcasing the smooth stylizing of Lappitt’s saxophone, Aguiar’s trumpet, and Apicella’s piano, tethered to a reclining tempo.  Kogan’s interpretation of traditional jazz principles shows an authentic feel for the style of music.

The soothing timbres of jazz vocalist Tierney Sutton brushing lightly across “Vocalese” magnifies the enchanting atmosphere catacomb by Kogan’s bass lines.  The track is pierced by the refined doodles of Aguiar’s flugelhorn.  Meanwhile, the sprightly gait of the horns in the traditional jazz ensemble “Emergency Call” are draped in shades of blues and bop. “Illumination” is a deliriously gentle ballad, a meditative piece that differs from the final track “Big City,” written in a variety of mixed meters.  The composition is layered in restless tremors and crinkling ripples with each of the players featured on solos.

Igor Krogan’s effort exhibits his keen sense of traditional jazz idioms and astute insight into sowing improvised anecdotes into the script.  The bop palette is further modernized and treasured in Kogan’s release.

Igor Kogan – bass
Jeremy Lappitt – tenor saxophone
Joshua Aguiar – trumpet/flugelhorn
Marco Apicella – piano
Matthew Baker – drums
Tierney Sutton – vocals

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