Jazz2Love reviews Zen Zadravec’s “Human Revolution”

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Album Review: Human Revolution from Zen Zadravec

Album:  Human Revolution
Artist:  Zen Zadravec
Label: Marmite Records (FACTOR)
Website:  http://www.zenzadravec.com

Zen Zadravec’s latest CD Human Revolution is an endeavor supported by the Canadian Grant Organization called Factor or the Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings.  On it, Zadravec explores a bounty of flowing chord progressions, rhythmic diversity, and melodies that put audiences in a positive mood.  His goal is to create music based on the concept of Humanism, spawned by the philosophies of Nichiren Buddhism.  If maintaining a positive outlook is a principle of Humanism then Zadravec achieved his intended purpose.

The opening track “The Nature of All Things” overflows with jaunty swinging phrasing clad in a frenzy of soaring horns and a bouncy rhythm section.  Traits of R&B/soul can be heard in “Mentor Disciple” as the saxophone juts and swivels in a free spirited manner.  Changing to a frolicking tempo, “Live” is a playful melody that is light and buoyant while “Soul Eyes,” a Mal Waldron composition, is a dulcet piece that turns pensive and pining, luring listeners into a blissful state with the lingering notes of the saxophone leading them forward.  The expressive twinkle in Zadravec’s piano keys scamper across “Lilies and Roses” with an engaging lightness, transitioning into an introspective mood along the title track.

Zadravec has created a recording of mostly original compositions that are swaddled in flowing chord progressions and seamless harmonic movements. The recording resonates a positive vibe with well-crafted playing that invites listeners into the sanguine-like culture of the tracks.

Zen Zadravec- Piano
Todd Bashore – Alto and Soprano Saxophones
Derrick Gardner – Trumpet
John Douglas – Trumpet
Kenny Davis -Bass
Mike Pope – Bass
Mark Whitfield Jr. – Drums
Dylan Bell – Vocals

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