Jazz2Love reviews Steve Hunt’s “Connections”

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Album Review: Connections from Steve Hunt

Album:  Connections
Artist:  Steve Hunt
Label:  Spice Rack Records
Website:  http://stevehuntjazzpiano.com

The esoteric mixture, which keyboardist-composer Steve Hunt whips up on his latest release Connections, has a multi-cultural flavor from Asian and Middle Eastern folk to western pop/rock.  Performing with an array of musicians, Hunt’s creation offers listeners a panoramic listening experience, continuously moving forward and kneading new threads into the content.

Hunt’s meandering keys on “Carry On” are supported by the soft throbbing beats of bassist Jimmy Johnson and drummer Gary Husband as the chanting vocals of Nando Lauria infuse the track with ethereal wisps.  Dedicated to guitarist-composer Allan Holdsworth, the track has a spiritual vibe that is palpable.  Indisputably, the Asian-infused chimes opening “Now’s The Time” have a playful jaunt that invites the listener along a passage filled with vignettes of frolicking horns and keys.
Proceeding, the smooth jazz timbres in Eric Marienthal’s alto saxophone inscribe warm furls across “Full Plate,” pulsing a jovial mood that shifts to an esoteric sonorous in the title track.  Here, shimmery cymbal strikes performed by drummer Casey Scheuerell are sprinkled by the churning twirls of Tucker Antell’s tenor saxophone and Bruce Williamson’s bass clarinet as Billy Buss’s bristling trumpet foments a languid rustle.  The panoramic display shifts, changing the imagery to a funky sputter, wrapping the rhythmic beats around the horns then returning to a languid rustle.
The esoteric mixture that keyboardist-composer Steve Hunt whips up gives listeners a panoramic view as the compositions move through several vignettes, entertaining an array of images in the listener’s mind.  His collaborations with long-time friends on the release binds multiple inscriptions into a cohesive amalgam.
Keys – Steve Hunt
Bass – Etienne Mbappe, Jimmy Haslip, Jimmy Earl, Evan Marien, Jimmy Johnson, Skuli Sverrisson, Matt Garrison, John Patitucci (acoustic, electric)
Drums – Nate Wood, Chad Wackerman, Vinnie Colaiuta, Virgil Donati, Gary Husband, Billy Cobham, Tom Brechtlein, Casey Scheuerell
Percussion – Jorge Bezerra, Ricardo Monzon
Vocals – Jorge Bezerra, Joshua Hunt, Sophia Wackerman, Nando Lauria
Tabla, Percussion – Jerry Leake
Native American Flute, Perc., Vocal – Dennis Yerry
Izraj and Grand Guitar – Robert Ritchiesse
Guitar – Alex Machacek, Randy Roos, Jeff Lockhart
Tenor Sax – Tucker Antell
Soprano Sax – Ole Matheisen
Alto Sax – Eric Marienthal
Tenor Sax – Tucker Antell
Bass Clarinet – Bruce Williamson
Trumpet – Billy Buss
Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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