Jazz2Love reviews Scott Silbert Big Band: Jump Children

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Scott Silbert Big Band


Album Review: Jump Children from the Scott Silbert Big Band

Album:  Jump Children
Artist:  Scott Silbert Big Band
Label:  Self-Released
Website:  www.scottsilbertmusic.com

A large serving of big band swing and sizzling boogie woogie sweeps listeners off their feet on the Scott Silbert Big Band’s 2022 release Jump Children.  A connoisseur of both good time breeds, saxophonist Silbert offers uplifting moods trenched in atmospheres that surge with merriment.

Dr. Sherrie Maricle, the dynamic drummer for the DIVA Jazz Orchestra described the recording perfectly, “Every track on Jump Children brings an immediate urge to snap, clap, tap, and smile from ear to ear.  All you have to do is press play to be transported to happiness.”

From the bubbling beats of Ken Kimery’s drums and the flapping toots of the saxophones along “Annie Laurie” to the pensive strut of Tony Nalker’s keys and the smooth bass pumps performed by the 3D Jazz Trio’s Amy Shook on “Dusk,” Silbert moves nimbly across the stratosphere of big band swing.  The spirited soars of the brass and woodwinds working in conjunction with the agile rhythm section emit jubilant vibrations from track to track.

Gretchen Midgley’s vocals ring with a vibrancy in “11:60 PM” and the title track that gives the melodies another level of attractiveness, eliciting joy in audience members.  The frolicking gait of the saxophones rippling through “In A Persian Market” sprint with purpose, revving up the atmosphere and pausing poignantly as though waiting for the listener to respond to their assertions.  The shuffling movements in the chord patterns of “Tootsie’s Rag” have an infectious bounce, switching to a sleek boogie woogie tempo along “I Want A Roof (Over My Head)” as Silbert’s vocals cruise along in a casual stride.

Sunshine and joy are prominent features found in the music of Silbert’s offering.  Loaded with hot stuff brimming with pulsating beats and playful assertions, Silbert and his band whisk listeners off the ground.  Silbert can attribute performing in the US Navy Band and the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra for shaping his skills as a saxophonist, arranger, and bandleader.  A student, a teacher, and a disciple of big band swing, Scott Silbert carries the flame proudly and it shows.


Scott Silbert – tenor sax
Charlie Young – alto sax
Antonio Parker – alto sax
Grant Langford -tenor sax
Leigh Pilzer – baritone sax

Liesl Whitaker – lead trumpet
Joshua Kauffman – trumpet
Chris Walker – trumpet

Dave Perkel – trombone
Jen Krupa – trombone
Kirsten Warfield – trombone

Rhythm Section:
Tony Nalker – piano
Craig Gildner – guitar
Amy Shook – bass
Ken Kimery – drums

Gretchen Midgley
Scott Silbert

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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