Jazz2Love reviews Frank Kohl’s “Solitude”

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Frank Kohl


Album Review: Solitude from Frank Kohl

Album:  Solitude
Artist:  Frank Kohl
Label:  Self-Released
Website:  frankkohl.com

Guitarist-composer Frank Kohl enlivens the jazz guitar idiom on his latest release Solitude.  His chords pave a path, charted by instinct and motivated by peace of the heart, and peace is what he achieves in his music.  From the gentle ruminations in his riffs to the tranquilizing rocking of his strokes, Kohl attains a Zen-like state in his music.

The bumps and notches made by Kohl’s notes traipsing across the title track have a hypnotic lilt.  Their comforting cadence applies a soothing stroke on the aural senses.   His ruminations are seamless, cording each thought in a stream of consciousness.  Track after track are personalized reflections channeled through the movements of the guitar strings.  Like a journal of experiences, the recording wanders and roams freely, finding new areas to explore about the guitar.

Kohl’s music is an expression of his own personality and equally an investigation into the melodic possibilities of the acoustic guitar.  His fondling and administering of the strings showcase his reflexive dexterity and mastery at composing.  Sedate and soothing, the music has a medicinal quality that touches the human soul.

Frank Kohl – guitar

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