JAZZ2LOVE Reviews David Janeway, Distant Voices

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Album Review: Distant Voices from David Janeway

Album:  Distant Voices
Artist:  David Janeway
Label:  Distant Voices Label/Steeplechase Lookout
Website:  www.davidjaneway.com

Pianist-bandleader David Janeway presents his third recording, Distant Voices, with a jazz trio.  Released by the Steeplechase music label, the recording features Cameron Brown on bass and Billy Hart on drums.  Included on the recording are 13 selections, four of which are tributes written by Janeway for Ahmad Jamal, Larry Willis, Cedar Walton, and Herbie Hancock.   The remaining 9 tracks are retweaked by the trio covering works by Woody Shaw, Gus Amheim, Hank Jones, Walter Bishop Jr., Arthur Altman, Gary Peacock, Freddie Hubbard, Wayne Shorter, and Mercer Ellington.  Offshoots of bebop like hard bop and post bop are found on the recording, as well as traits of swing and Latin-imbued trimmings, making for a complimenting bouquet of jazz.

Shuffling beats recur throughout the release, making for compositions that are on the go.  Sometimes listeners find themselves chasing after the frenzied movements like in “Minor Contention,” where the banter among the trio is energizing with vigorous tussling and rattling.  “Blue Serge” calms the melodic currents to a cozy saunter, pervading warm sensations.  Janeway’s trotting keys steer the journey along “Moontrane,” flapping and whirling with a carefree gait, as his keys move with a clairvoyant impression across “Gardenia.”  The trio’s rapport is lively and bright, evoking a positive outlook about life.

Born in Rochester, New York, Janeway grew up in Detroit through the ’60s and ’70s, where he became immersed in the rich tradition of R&B and jazz.  A tradition that has taken him into the 21st century, indulging in a lively rapport that fodders a positive outlook about life.

David Janeway – piano, Fender Rhodes
Cameron Brown – bass
Billy Hart – drums

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